Living in south Tenerife

Living in south Tenerife

Who wouldn`t want to live in Tenerife? It is easy to see why it is one of Spain`s most popular tourist destinations with its year round warmth, great beaches and beautiful unique, volcanic interior. There are many people who fall in love with this island and choose to make it their home.

The south of the island is where tourists tend to go and it is here that you will find the huge resort hotels and package holidaymakers. The south is also popular with people who have chosen to make Tenerife their permanent home and many of these emigrants open businesses catering to the needs of some of the ten million tourists who visit Tenerife annually.

The first step to living in Tenerife is making sure that you are legally registered. For those wanting to work of buy property on the island, you will need a Foreigners Identification Number (NIE). This form can be downloaded and the card obtained at the police station. There are plenty of websites available which can help you by explaining which paperwork you will need.

Spanish property is no longer the bargain it once was so many people now choose to rent accommodation on the island rather than buying their own property. That is not to say there isn`t any property for sale however. Those who choose not to buy can rent. Rents range from between €500 to €1000 per month for an apartment. Rents sometimes include utilities though telephone lines and internet connections will not be included, however. Properties for rent are advertised in the local English language press or on various rental websites. There is a large expat community in Tenerife and they provide various services for those wishing to live on the island permanently and will be able to offer insights and advice on property.

Tourists love shopping on Tenerife and there are plenty of tourists markets to visit which sell souvenirs, clothes and knick knacks. Well known brands of clothing are available in the towns on the island at a much cheaper price than in the UK. In fact, the cost of living generally is much lower than in Northern Europe. It`s easy, cheap and convenient to eat out on Tenerife but there is also plenty of choice when it comes to food shopping too. There are the local supermarkets or food markets or more familiar ones like Iceland or Lidl selling lots of home comforts.

As an EU national, anyone moving to Tenerife is allowed access to the Spanish public health system which is very good. Some expats prefer to opt for a private insurance scheme. As a permanent resident you will need to apply for a health card from your local social security office. It is important to find out where your nearest doctor or health centre is when looking at property.

Having a car is essential on the island as public transport is not great. Buying a new car is straightforward but buying a second hand car can prove expensive and bureaucratic. Take advice before you buy one.

Another great thing about Tenerife is that it is well connected to Spain and Europe so it`s easy to escape if you need to. Whether you fancy a weekend in Madrid, a short break in London or cheap holidays in Salou there are lots of possibilities available.

Living in south Tenerife is a dream come true for many people so utilise all the information that is available to ensure that your move is perfect too.


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  • Daniele Merkov says:

    This is nice. My wife and I are excited for the vacation we’ve booked in Spain and definitely we will go to the Canary. Tenerife is one of our eyeing place for our 1st stop 🙂 There so many thing we want to do from a page we’ve read wanted to know if you have experience traveling to this wonderful Island. Is there anything you can recommend aside from your past travel in in Spain?

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