Amarilla Golf, Tenerife – Tee off with Delta

Amarilla Golf, Tenerife – Tee off with Delta

At Delta Estate Agents we have over 20 years experience in Tenerife of advising home buyers on property for sale and buying apartments as well as advising on renting your property.

We currently have a selection of exclusive property for sale available at “Amarilla Golf.” Amarilla Golf and Country Club is located on the South coast of Tenerife and is one of the more established holiday resorts within the island of Tenerife.

The resort of Amarilla Golf boasts incredible views sea-ward towards the Atlantic Ocean and inland towards the statuesque Mount Teide National Park.

Much of the property for sale that we have available at Delta, in the resort of Amarilla Golf is situated on or near the Donald Steel designed course.

The Amarilla Golf and Country Club was inaugurated in 1989 and the luscious green 18-hole par 71 course played host to the Tenerife Open in 1990. One of the many challenges of the Amarilla golf course is the wind, due to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, many facets of which are featured in the course design.

If you’re looking for a property for sale Amarilla Golf is a great location. It is a self contained holiday resort, very near to the airport, Reina Sofia and within easy access to other tourist attractions on the island of Tenerife.

At Delta we have a selection of property for sale adjacent to the magnificent 5,846m golf course.

If you’re looking at buying apartments in Amarilla Golf to rent for golf holidays we have property for sale available on the “Fairways Club” a gorgeous secure complex with swimming pool, bar and restaurant, everything to ensure you have a perfect holiday in Amarilla Golf.

If you’re contemplating buying apartments then property for sale in Amarilla Golf is a brilliant investment, especially if you decide on buying apartments to rent out to holiday makers. The number of tourists visiting the island to play on one of the many golf courses is increasing.

New research from the Government highlights the fact that 66% of those visitors who visit Tenerife on golfing holidays are more likely to return than other types of visitors to Tenerife, the rational being the large number of activities that are available in the resorts such as Amarilla Golf.

If you are interested in viewing a portfolio of property for sale in Amarilla Golf please contact us and we will be happy to arrange viewings for you in between your tee times!


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